What is Paint Correction?  

Instead of getting your car expensively resprayed, which may even affect its originality and resale value, why not consider a paintwork correction service. We can decontaminate the paintwork, remove scratches in the clear coat (lacquer), bird stains, water marks, swirl marks, machine buffer marks, holograms, cobwebbing and micro-marring and restore the paintwork back to its original colour if it has faded. It is also known as swirl mark removal or machine polishing, but essentially paintwork correction is the reduction or removal of marks in the top layer of paint to produce a more refined finish. 


Paint correction can involve either the hand or machine application of varying grades of cleanser, polish or compound. The majority of work is usually done with rotary machine polishers to get the best level of correction. 
Good paint correction requires a high degree of skill and concentration, but done properly, it really can transform the look of a car by dealing with hard water marks, etching caused by bird muck or fly squash, swirl marks, scratches and fading. 


2 Stage Paint Correction - £200 
The price for a two stage machine polish which can be done in a day (8am-6pm as a guide) from £200 (Platinum Plus). This will enhance the defects on the paintwork by about 40%-60%. 
5 Stage Paint Correction - £350 
The price for a five stage machine polish which would be done over a minimum of 2 whole days is £350. This will significantly enhance the paintwork by 70-80%. 
The percentages are given to provide you with a guide as to the difference between the two options. Please note that both will offer great visual improvement to your car's paintwork so please don't be put off by the percentages. If any company claims a 90% or higher improvement then be cautious as even a brand new car is not usually 100% perfect. 
The main difference is with regard to the actual time available for machine polishing as a reasonable portion of the first day is spent masking up, clay barring and generally prepping the vehicle for the machine polish. 


An interior detail including leather clean and feed for an additional £80. 
Add the Classic Detail for an additional £100. We recommend that this service is booked in addition to the machine polish if you also require the paintwork to be sealed and protected. 
For more information or to book your paint correction simply call 0791 867 1762 or email 
0791 867 1762 
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